About the artist



Shelldon has 27 years of tattooing experience both within Australia and abroad, working in many of Australia's most iconic and premier studios and as a guest artist in tattoo conventions around the world.

Shelldon's passion for customer service is one of the most important parts of his work, ensuring that the customer always gets a tattoo that suits who they are. Be that just for fun or to mark and important element of their life.

When asked what his speciality in tattooing is, Shelldon will always reply with 'making someone happy'. This has lead to a broad range of experience among many art styles with a portfolio of great diversity. With a keen interest in Japanese tattooing, Shelldon's portfolio also includes realism as well as more classic styles.

Shelldon likes to ensure high-quality work is shown from the beginning of the consultation, through to design; talking you through the best options for clarity and longevity of your tattoo in relation to placement and sizing, without any judgement. This is great for those first timers and smaller tattoos. Shelldon's advice will always be professional and puts your best interests first. Shelldon's initial advice is to work patiently with him to ensure the best tattoo possible for you.

His favourite styles are the bolder, classic styles with some finer details. He loves to draw his inspiration from his clients thoughts, passions and feelings about life. he feels the best tattoos are hand drawn and inspired from your personal story so he prefers face to face consultations and conversations about the job rather than back and forth e mails or messages to only half tell a story, instead he prefers to listen as he draws from his heart and will find great reference pictures together with his clients anytime they are needed.

On a more personal note, his other loves are skateboarding, music, travelling, science and the natural world, esoteric arts, philosophy, history, personal development and Brazillian Jiu Jitsu.

PHONE 0414451441