Remove bandage in a CLEAN bathroom after 1-3 hours. The bandage is most often a layer of plastic film or cling wrap, When the bandage is removed the first time, It is normal that the tattoo will be really slimy and have fluids on it that need to be cleaned off right away. please wash your tattoo at this point. When sleeping on the first few nights your tattoo may stick to or weep onto bed sheets. Maintain clean bedding throughout the healing process (about 2 weeks). Some people find that Leaving the original or a new fresh cling wrap bandage on overnight is a great option, but this is not essential. ( remember to wash before you re bandage.) One further option is to apply a clean fresh layer of cling wrap bandage every night before bed, or even during the day for the fist 4 to 5 days on difficult to manage spots, for example in a place where clothing or shoes may rub on the area or in a trade situation where chemicals or dust may be a problem.  but again this is NOT IMPORTANT FOR MOST TATTOOS. If you choose this method always be sure your tattoo is CLEAN and DRY before you re bandage and give the tattoo as much uncovered time as possible during the day doing whatever is comfortable and available for your situation. Use a very thin layer of healing ointment and do not apply any ointment if your tattoo is still wet. Then re wrap your tattoo with clean cling wrap before bed or when you need to, remembering that it will weep again under the wrap and need a good wash in the morning or each time the bandage is removed. If you choose to never re bandage your tattoo after the original bandage that is perfectly fine. just be aware that some small particles off of clothing or bedding may stick and need to be washed off. Its not too bad if things stick a little just gently wash away anything that may stick in warm soapy water. I actually don’t re bandage my own tattoos again and for some of my most experienced clients I do not use any bandage at all so let your own sense of what feels right guide you in deciding how to look after your tattoo and feel free to call if concerned.  

When removing the cling wrap bandage, always wash the tattoo immediately with warm water and soap. i recommend plain medicated soap out of a pump bottle. Try not to use soap with fragrance, moisture beads or exfoliant scrubs or a dirty old bar of soap you find in a mates bathroom. BE CLEAN. Fresh tattoos sometimes “weep” during the first couple of days, meaning that plasma and ink form a thin moist coating on the skin. This can be DABBED with a clean paper towel in between washes. Do not wipe the tattoo or be rough with it.  keeping it clean is important but don't go overboard they can pretty much look after them selves healing. Showering as normal is ok as well. Please don’t think you can’t wet the tattoo at all because you need to to wash it,  just don’t soak the tattoo for long periods of time, for example swimming with a new tattoo or long baths ect would not be good.  Always pat your tattoo dry with clean paper towels. Soaking your tattoo excessively or multiple times and not washing your tattoo may result in thick scabs and can lead to infection, ink loss and scarring.  

Only use CLEAN HANDS to wash your tattoo. NO washcloths, bath towels, bath sponges or loofahs on a fresh tattoo. Lather up a soapy film of bubbles on your hand and gently rub to remove any dry ink and excess dry fluids off the skin. after patting dry, Your tattoo should feel pretty well dry with a very thin scab over the tattooed area. i recommend leaving it dry for at least an hour before you may apply a thin layer of a suitable healing ointment. Apply a thin layer and rub it in, then dab excess off with a clean paper towel. A small amount of ointment is better than too much.  

Do not panic when you see the colours of the tattoo on the paper towel or clothing and bedding, or on your hands as you clean it. This is simply excess ink being removed from the surface or the skin. 

Once or twice a day, in the shower, is usually enough cleaning for any new tattoo. And only apply ointments when your tattoo feels like its almost too dry or when a fresh bandage is applied. Consult your artist if you plan to do any strenuous activity within the first ten days of having your tattoo. And if you go to the gym a lot just rest the area of your new art and try not to sweat all over it like crazy. if your skin is extremely sensitive, some healing ointments may cause acne- like break outs. Don’t worry. This can be taken care of by reducing the number of cream applications per day. Wear loose, preferably cotton clothing over the fresh tattoo.  

After a few days, the tattoo will begin to form flaky scabs that will fall off on their own. DO NOT PICK OR SCRATCH AT YOUR TATTOO. Keep it moisturised when needed and the scabs will come away on their own eventually. Once again, they will be the colour of the tattoo so don’t panic. It normally takes 2-4 weeks for a tattoo to completely heal and it may look a little milky as the new top skin settles back down.  


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