Booking an appointment is easy. We like to meet you and chat in person if possible to save delays in discussions and to aid in a more richer expressive understanding of what you want to have. 

Walk-in chats are welcome as well as phone calls, text messages and dm's on socials. 

If you call please leave a message if not answered and we will get back to you asap. 

   Next, we will discuss your needs and talk about size style price ect. Some jobs are straight-forward and easy to estimate quote and book without meeting but generally we need to meet up to work out any custom tattoos. 

We sometimes do this in a seperate appointment just for the consultation or on the same day as the tattoo for smaller easier ideas. All the consultation and initial referencing and design time is always free of charge and then there's a deposit once we know wer'e ready to go ahead and book your appointment. 

all appointments and deposits are confirmed via text and we see you then ready to rock and roll. Same-day appointments are also available when time allows. 

deposits are 100 dollars for smaller tattoos and 250 for longer sessions over 4 hours. deposits are non-refundable in the basic cases however we do make considerations where possible. We are happy to move appointments with  reasonable notice before the 24 hours prior and hope to work together on getting the job done as we don't want to take deposits for no good reason. same day rescheduling of an appointment requires a second deposit or full payment of tattoo to not forfeit the original deposit. deposits will be lost in the case of a no-show only. we are also very considerate of other reasons you may not want to go ahead after leaving a deposit so please talk with us openly and honestly and we can consider a partial or full refund depending on what work has been done in good faith towards your tattoo.